our story

IHOF (Iyanu Home Of Flavours) was birthed in the vibrant heart of Calgary AB, Canada, by its founders deep appreciation for richness of African Flavors, which stems from her grandma’s unique recipe blend. It kept her healthy and fit yet bursting with amazing flavors.

Since our inception in 2020, we have been passionately committed to delivering a healthy, premium, culinary experience through 2 of our products, which are a carefully curated collection of African grown, herbs and spices and flavorful African grown plantain crisps

the visionary behind IHOF

The driving force behind IHOF is our founder, Ronke Shonubi who immigrated from Nigeria in West Africa to Calgary. Her passion for deliciously flavorful foods and her entrepreneurial spirit ignited her vision for IHOF. Recognizing a gap in the retail market for authentic and quality African flavored foods, she set out to create a brand that stands for the rich, distinct flavors of Africa.

hi, i’m ronke.

The founder of IHOF
IHOF is abbreviation of Iyanu Home of Flavour.
Iyanu means 'Wonder' which perfectly describes the African flavours.

My Vision is to share with the world, the unique aroma and flavour of African foods I was raised with.

The Taste of Africa

Our spices and plantain crisps are sourced from the most fertile soils across the diverse landscapes of Africa. We meticulously select our ingredients, ensuring they are naturally grown under the warm, abundant African sun, a process that imparts a unique richness of flavor and aroma. Our products are all hand prepared and prepared with love. This commitment to authenticity and quality allows us to transport you with love to the heart of Africa with every bite and every aroma from our products.

The African Gourmet Seasoning Collection

Our collection features 5 distinct spice blends, each capturing the unique culinary essence of different regions across Africa. Together, they form the African Gourmet Seasoning Collection – an epicurean adventure that celebrates the incredible diversity and richness of African gastronomy.

The African Plantain Crisp Collection

Our collection features three distinct crisp flavours made from African Plantains and flavoured using African herbs and spices.

Exotic Savoury which is made from unripe plantains and flavoured with savoury spices, Tropical Sweet which is made from ripe plantains and flavoured with sweet spices, and the Mild Spicy, which is also made of ripe plantains but flavoured with spicy spices to give it a kick in your taste buds.

Pure and Wholesome Ingredients

At IHOF, we believe in keeping things natural. Our spice blends are crafted from pure, unprocessed ingredients, free from gluten and suitable for vegans. In an effort to promote healthy eating, our seasonings are also consciously created with a low salt content, allowing the bold, vibrant flavors to shine through without overpowering your palate. Please note that while our plantain crisps are delightfully flavorful, they are not classified as low salt, as plantains naturally include salt.
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