African Gourmet Gift Set (5x35g) Multi-Flavour


all purpose blend (350g)


barbecue dry rub (350g)


garlic,peppers and herbs (350g)


savory blend (350g)


African Gourmet Collection (5x100g) Multi-Flavour


savory blend (100g)


hot pepper mix (100g)


garlic,peppers and herbs


barbecue dry rub (100g)


all purpose blend (100g)


We are passionate about providing high-quality seasonings that bring flavor and depth to every dish. Our company is committed to sourcing the finest ingredients from local farmers and producers throughout the continent. Our seasonings are carefully handpicked, roasted, and blended to ensure that they retain their natural flavors and aroma.

IHOF will make you say wOW

IHOF promises to deliver, an authentic, flavourful and unique taste to your meals


what our clients say about us

Product came in good time, the packaging was neat and attractive. The seasonings taste really great.

The shipping was so fast , packaging top notch !! Seasonings added so much natural taste to my cooking, didn’t need to add to the much salt!! Definitely ordering more ❤️
Highly recommend. Very flavourful/ Tasty – I have cooked soup, stew, rice and barbecue meals with this seasoning mix. Happy with my purchase and will definitely order more. Lovely product.
charles E.
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